Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son.

Now I’m gonna write about my favourites band album

Steve harris, bassis paling jago sedunia. Awal perkenalan pas malem taon baru, langsung jatuh cinta sama beat-beatnya mereka. Cinta pada pendengaran pertama he he …
Lewat Epic songnya (Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son)…
Beginning with a powerful synth line, the guitars then drive on with unbelievable drum work from Nicko McBrain. There is a very distinctive drum line, which is overladen with a very muted guitar line and Bruce’s operatic vocals. This song features many long Bruce wails. After a few great verses the song slows breaks into a great harmony guitar part. Then it gets very quiet. All you hear is very soft guitar and beautiful bass octave playing with light hi-hat. This is a very beautiful moment of the song. Bruce’s eerie vocals enter. This is my favorite part of the song. He sings about the powers that the hero has. Then there is a very spooky part with gothic chorus vocals and a guitar sparatically entering with a flourish of electric power. The drums keep getting stronger and then the whole song explodes into a powerful breakneck solo. The tempo changes many times as the solo continues. Then there’s another part where the gothic vocals reenter. This is followed by a fantastic harmony part that is heaven to listen to. This is Maiden at its finest. The song ends with this harmony riff.
Another songs, Good heavy ballads(the evil that man do) great style songs (can i play with madness), the lirics are the best iron lirics ever!!! Hear infinity dreams… or seventh son of a seventh son… or even only the good die young … or my favorite one…
THE PHROPHECY that ends with a beautiful kind of spanish guitar…
“The Prophecy” follows that and starts off slowly with synth backing up a mellow guitar intro. The song then kicks in with a powerful neo-classical guitar riff with Bruce screaming overtop as usual. This song features several vocal tracks which makes an intriguing interplay. The song features a great harmony guitar part and an amazing drum line. This whole song is just incredible. This is one of the high points of this album. The song closes out with an incredible medieval acoustic guitar part. This is unbelievable to hear.
“The Clairvoyant” follows and enters with an amazing bass riff from Steve harris. Then the guitar enters with a nice harmony riff. The great thing about this song is the verse with the odd time signatures and awesome drum line. The verse includes this cosmic guitar line that lightly dances upon the musical landscape. The song then switches gear with the grand chorus Moonchild lagu pertama, ngingetin lagu “peterson anak rembulan”nya ??? The album starts off softly with a foreboding acoustic ditty that sets the theme of seven. Then “Moonchild” begins with great synthesizers and a powerful guitar pounding along with cymbal crashes. Bruce Dickinson then begins to scream. This is a very aggressive powerful song. A great beginning for the concept album. There is much powerful imagery in the lyrics about mystical things. I love it when Bruce mentions the mandrake screaming. There is also great rumbling bass and beautiful drums throughout. There is also a very spooky bridge. This is followed by a wonderful solo.
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son jelas best album ever and definitely one of best albums ever made !!

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~ by MaIDeN on March 28, 2005.

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