thE ReaSON tHeY hiT mYsiTe

I suppose to have a lot of time to write my blogs when working in night shift. But I’m not.
I don’t know why ..
I’m too lazy to write …

So the easier thing ….
I search my old file and post it into my blogs … easy Isn’t ?

When I look at my visitor stats I know there was a lot of people from various country visiting my blogs. I knew they just visit and when look at the language used here, they leave my blogs.

I hope in my future post I will use english language and hope they write a comment before leave and will come back again …

Off course it is just personal blogs. It’s looks like my diary, my life testament.
What the hell can make people come to visit ?
Some people, I know they hope can saw Indonesian girl or Bali girl naked here. That’s why they hit my pages, right ?



~ by MaIDeN on June 26, 2005.

5 Responses to “thE ReaSON tHeY hiT mYsiTe”

  1. lol.. yeah i guess writing in english made me stop.. as for the comment.. i’m leavin it cause you were funny.

  2. Thank’s 4 the comment. You are not the one hit my pages thought can find something funny here. Sorry 4 that … I will post some funny story, soon …

  3. I came to visit your site because you had seen my site on ruth-iE’s site. I guess I would have just looked at the pictures since I dont know any other languages than spanish, portuguese and english. But its cool, you should let that stop you form writing in your native language. You can just add a translator to your website so that people can just translate your page. Take care…. and cute blog.

    PS: I wasnt hoping to see a naked indonesian or bali girl… in case you were wondering.

    all the way from cali…

  4. hello…well, I hit your page coz I’ve just made a blog too, so I wonder how other people’s blogs look like.I’m from semarang looo..boleh minta diajari ?? aq liat di postinganmu ada gambar yg bisa gerak2. dimana/gmn bikinnya ?? hrs buka situs apa ? aq pengen juga neeh… ok, nice 2 know u, bye…

  5. Hello. I like your blog and was not expecting to see you naked. But, if you feel like it, I wont go away either 🙂
    A kiss form Portugal and the best of luck to you and your diary

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