You are so impress when open this webpages and see your town in welcome messages. How can it be happen ?
Hmmm …
… The secret is ….
… Well, No secret … It’s just a free service provide by
This company kindly allows webmasters to use this script for free. Rather than lifting the script from this page, I encourage you to take a trip out to their site as they have a wide range of free scripts and templates on offer. You can also register with the company for free to create your own templates, which may consist of just one line or a whole paragraph of location targeted marketing text.

What if your visitor doesn’t have javascript enable ?
Well, the vast majority of browsers by default have javascript switched on, but if you are concerned that some of your visitors may have it turned off for security reasons, simply add a “noscript” tag with generic text.

For example:

<script language=”Javascript” src=””></script&gt;
<noscript>Thanks for visiting my site</noscript>

In the above example, visitors with JavaScript enabled browsers will see the Geophrase template “Thanks for visiting my site, I hope you have a great day in {your city}”. Those visitors with JavaScript disabled will only see “Thanks for visiting my site”



~ by MaIDeN on July 20, 2005.

2 Responses to “iMpRESSeD wELLCoME MeSSaGEs”

  1. Sometimes it’s give you wrong location. If U want to help to give the right location/region/area, do this :
    1. Enter and see your location is correct or not.
    2. If not correct, enter and write the correct location there …

  2. Thanks for sharing. I did wonder what the code was for the welcome message. First time I saw someone use this on their blog it made me look twice.

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