Motorola E398 Fill your life with sound! Surround yourself with more mobile music than ever thanks to the E398’s full MP3 playback capability. Pump it out through the built-in 22khz speakers – or keep it to yourself with the stunning stereo surround headset. And snap your surroundings day or night – there’s a built-in camera complete with flash.

Here is the features:
-Excellent sound quality (MP3 Player with 3D Surround Sound).
-Full MP3 music listening, and MP3 and MIDI ringers
-Stereo Headset Jack
-3D Surround Sound
-Expandable memory card (64MB Built in). Good feature as music lovers such as me can be kept company during long hours in transit 🙂 – See my previous post about DietMP3
-Nice “feel the ring” kind of speakers, which have good frequency (22khz) for a phone.
-Supports 3gp and mp4 playback.
-Its got all the essential technological features such as :

  • -Class 10 Gprs (2U/4D).
  • -WAP 2.0 (WSP/HTTP 1.1, WTCP/IP, xHTML Mobile Profile, WCSS, Cookies, WTLS).
  • -Bluetooth.
  • -IM Wireless Village (Instant Messenger)
  • -Email: POP3, SMTP, IMAP4.
  • -USB Port connectivity (Act as USB Flash Drive)

-Camera quality is decent. Not to forget the flash (which doubles up for a nice flashlight).
-Screen size (176×220) and depth (65K colors) is really cool. (though a NOKIA 6600 phone screen looks bigger than e398, its actually smaller (176×208), the “lookin big” factor is due to bloated pixels).
-Nice customizable menus.
-Smart key is useful.
-PIM functionality with Picture Called ID
-Sufficient phonebook capacity (1000 nos.)

But the most interesting part from motorola is you can HACK the phone. You can do anything to your phone. Even change the whole system such upgrade to V series.

For newbie here is the list U can start in:
-Downloading/Uploading Seems from/to phone. (Basics)
-Increase SMS storage (Save up to 100 msgs)
-Increase Main volume of ring tone, earpiece… etc
-Increase phone memory by deleting unnecessary files (stock ring tones, wallpapers, videos, Screen savers and skins.)
-Unlock/ADD features: USB settings, Voice Recording, Engineering, AIM, Mobile QQ and -Java App Loader
-Install Games/applications
Add skins
-Personalize skins
-Change the position/remove of Operator Logo, Time and date.
-Flashing and flexing
-Rearrange Menu and Sub Menu order.
-Using the phone as a USB Flash drive
-Add Pics, Wallpapers, Ring tones, MP3 etch.
-Activating Startup and shutdown animations and sounds.
-Fixing Smart key (after some F/Fs its stuck at Voice or some brand feature)
-Info on E398 Video, MP3, PICs

Recomended link to start hack your phone:
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5



~ by MaIDeN on September 30, 2005.

One Response to “Motorola E398”

  1. yeahh ..

    its a veryy coool phone .. i love Motorola sooooo much..
    and i had that phone befor . the only thing i dont like about it is its camera . the photo quality and the vids are not really good .. 😦
    but Motorola really Improved about after since the new V3x .. check it out 😉

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