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images copyright © Aljazeera.neta Copy Paste from Wiki: (, Al Jazeera (Arabic: al-Gazirä), meaning “The Island” and/or “The Peninsula” is an Arabic-language television channel based in Doha, Qatar. Its willingness to broadcast dissenting views, including on call-in shows, created controversies in the autocratic Persian Gulf Arab States. The station gained worldwide attention following the September 11, 2001 attacks, when it broadcast video statements by Osama bin Laden and other al-Qaeda leaders. Readmore history of Al Jazeera

On the Internet

The Arabic version of the site was brought offline for about 10 hours by an FBI raid on its ISP, InfoCom Corporation, on September 5, 2001. InfoCom was later convicted of exporting to Libya and Syria, of knowingly being invested in by a Hamas member (both of which are illegal in the United States), and of underpaying customs duties. The station launched an English-language edition of its online content in March, 2003.

Hacker attacks

Immediately after its launch, the site was attacked by hackers, who launched denial-of-service attacks and redirected visitors to a site featuring an American flag. In November, 2003, John William Racine II, also known as ‘John Buffo’, was sentenced to 1000 hours of community service and a $2000 U.S. fine for the online disruption. Racine posed as an Al Jazeera employee to get a password to the network’s site, then redirected visitors to a page he created that showed an American flag shaped like a U.S. map and a patriotic motto, court documents said. In June 2003, Racine pleaded guilty to wire fraud and unlawful interception of an electronic communication.

The site was forced to change internet hosting providers several times, due, in its opinion, to political pressure. Initially its English-language site was provided by the U.S.-based DataPipe, which gave it notice, soon followed by Akamai Technologies. They later shifted to the French branch of NavLink, and then to (and currently) AT&T WorldNet Services.


* In November 2005, Al Jazeera was awarded by Index on Censorship for its “courage in circumventing censorship and contributing to the free exchange of information in the Arab world.”
* In April 2004, Webby Awards nominated Al Jazeera as one of the five best news Web sites, along with BBC News, National Geographic, RocketNews and The Smoking Gun. According to Tifanny Schlain, the founder of the Webby Awards, this caused a controversy as [other media organisations] “felt it was a risk-taking site,”.
* In December 1999, Ibn Rushd (Averoes) Fund for Freedom of Thought in Berlin awarded the “Ibn Rushd Award” for media and journalism for the year to Al Jazeera.
* In 2004, Al Jazeera was voted by readers as the fifth most influential global brand behind Apple Computer, Google, Ikea and Starbucks. is an English language website that publishes news, and opinion pieces of an inflammatory nature, about current affairs in the Middle East. Its name seems chosen to encourage confusion with the well-known Arabic satellite TV channel Al Jazeera, but the two organizatons are unrelated. The site is operated by Aljazeera Publishing, described as an “independent media organisation” that presents “facts as they happen”.



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